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Bob Willis has been an artist for over thirty years, and in that time he has covered much ground. From one of a kind home furnishings to the delicate work of hollow vessel turning, and beyond with sculpture and imagination.
In his own words...

"I have questioned myself many times as to who I am. The answer seems elusive, complex, and yet simple. I am my work. For an object to be truthful it must come from the Artist's desire to trust his own instinct. These instincts are drawn from experience, and reference to the past.
My work is quiet and straight forward; coming from innerbeing. That part of my soul that defies explanation. That which is given to me through countless generations that toiled before. I require only natural materials and deep rooted intellect; not challenged by modern technological pursuits.
Each new piece is studied, much as a child studies clouds for forms. My approach, while intuitive, takes advantage of imperfections and defects. I like to think of the work as archeological artifacts; inspiring thoughts of cultures long past. Visual texture is added by means of inlaid wooden sutures which mend and strengthen. The sutures seems to float on the surface as does a bird in the sky.
For anyone who has studied my work, I would ask that they think of the past, today. "
PO BOX 744
OURAY, CO 81427